Musikk – Atúl

Atúl is an Indian ambient musician, recording artist and singer-songwriter based in Stavanger, Norway. Atúl’s musical affinity lies in lyrical storytelling and expressions through creating diverse ambiences using voice, guitar and field recordings. He draws most of his inspiration from nature and raw human emotions. Atúl has developed his own guitar techniques and style over many years and uses his voice to express what he needs to express humanly. As a musician he has been involved in interdisciplinary projects like ‘Kunstgrillen’ and ‘Porcelain Confessions’ in Stavanger since 2017. He released an EP in 2014 in Hindi and ever since working and researching in ambient music and use of natural sounds in his music. He has his own field recording project called ‘Locator Project’.

Electric guitar, Akustisk gitar
Vokal, Tradisjonell musikk, Rock
Country of origin
Based in Norway
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