Musikk i mottak

Prosjektet er et samarbeid mellom musikkorganisasjonene Samspill, Østnorsk jazzsenter og JM Norway. Arbeid med sårbare barn og unge som bor på

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Baluba er Samspills satsning på barn og unge, hvor musikere inviteres til å jobbe sammen med dyktige produsenter og ressurspersoner

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Frilansfrokost is a series of breakfast seminars for musicians and other freelancers in the cultural scene, where we combine breakfast, social gathering with colleagues, networking and vocational refill.

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What Next? - Foto- Karstein Grønnesby

What Next?

What Next? is a series of mentor-led workshops with the aim of inspiring and assisting young musicians in navigating further in their own career.

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OK Sessions

OK Sessions is a concert series in collaboration with the record label OkWorld and Nasjonal jazzscene. In this series, the guitarist Oddrun Lilja invites jazz musicians and performers from other genres to meet in musical and colourful display!

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International Jazz Days

As part of UNESCO's annual celebration of "International Jazz Day" the 30th of April, we collaborate with our friends in the jazz field on marking this celebration - over multiple days!

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