Samspill is an interest organisation for professional performers of international music, based in Norway.



New year and new website

In 2023 it will be 25 years since Samspill was founded! We will mark this throughout the year in a number of different ways. There will of course be concerts in several places in the country, in addition to seminars, celebrations and

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What's happening?

How does Samspill help our members?


Samspill collaborates with many businesses and organisations to offer discounts to our members. Everything from rental cars, rehearsal rooms, studios, rental of backline and more!

Courses and guidance

We frequently arrange courses covering relevant topics for you as a self-employed musician. 
Do you need info or help with different grant schemes? Samspill gives advice and individual guidance.

Production of childrens concerts

Do you want to play for a young audience? Samspill contributes to the production of making concerts for children and youths. Members are invited to work with skilled producers and resource persons with their concert production, from idea to finished product.

Artist Catalogue

We have our own catalogue presenting our members and their music. This is a good way to showcase yourself as an artist! The Artist Catalogue is used to promote musicians and genres to professionals, festivals and organisers.


Samspill is a network of musicians in itself. In addition, we are part of many larger networks and we collaborate with big organisations in the cultural sector. As a member of Samspill, you become part of this network - and that is valuable!

Political Representation

Samspill is an political advocate and voice for our members, in society and towards our partners.


Samspill samarbeider med flere bedrifter og organisasjoner for å tilby rabatter til våre medlemmer. Alt fra leie bil, øvingslokalet, studio, produkter og slav lkanlkvnlan van vlaoilan c aknlian alnilbia rianb aæn fanoin.


Har du utfordringer med en søknad, et samarbeid, trenger du mer informasjon om ulike støtteordninger eller veiledning til søknadsskriving? Samspill gir råd og veiledning til søknadsskriving. Få råd og veiledning til søknadsskriving og karrièrebygging!


Det er mye å sette seg inn i for frilansmusikere. Man må være sin egen manager, søke om midler til kunstneriske prosjekter, og rapportere på dem.

Artist Catalogue

Samspill har en egen katalog som presenterer alle medlemmene, deres musikk og sjanger. Dette er en god profileringsmulighet for deg som musiker. Artiskatalogen brukes til å formidle ulike sjangre og musikere ovenfor aktører og konsertarrangører.


Samspill is a network of musicians in itself. In addition, we are part of many larger networks and we collaborate with big organisations in the cultural sector. As a member of Samspill, you become part of this network - and that is valuable!


Nå i høst skal vi arrangere flere medlemsmøter med faglig innhold på Cafeteatret, og vi er så heldige å ha fått med oss Mete Seymen til å bistå i planleggingen og gjennomføringen av disse! Les hele artikkelen.

Become a member


100 NOK

The benefits of being member of Samspill are many, from discounts and network, to workshops, exposure, guidance and courses.

For over 25 years, we have helped members from over 80 countries!

Eduardo Henrique Scaramuzza

B-Da Sufi

Global Folk Sessions

Global Folk Sessions was a lovely way to meet musicians I didn't know. It was fun to share my music and my way of playing traditional instruments with others. You learned so much from the other participants, and immensely enjoyed the mentors' way of leading the group. I can say with my hand on my heart, that I have made new friends and colleagues, and I am already well into working with several of them. Thank you very much for the great work you do! I was so happy to be invited to participate, but GFS was even better than I expected!

B-da Sufi

B-Da Sufi

Askanu Hiphop, Baluba

I have wanted to play for young people for a long time, but I didn't know how to go about it. Through Baluba, I have had the opportunity to play in schools, meet young people, talk to the children, exchange ideas with them, and see how they react when we perform. It was educational for me and intense, and I am very grateful.

Lius Baruch Machado

B-Da Sufi

Sunday World

I only have good experience as a producer for Samspill's Sunday World in the autumn of 2021. I received good support and follow-up throughout, they work seriously and professionally in every way. I would like to work with them more in the future!

Dominic Wilson

B-Da Sufi


Baluba fills a unique and long-awaited role in Norway's music industry. There is a broad consensus that we need more diversity on the stage for children and young people.

Mete Seymen

B-Da Sufi


The culture industry in Norway has its specific codes which are not easy to crack. Many newly arrived and unestablished musicians therefore need tailored guidance and a network within the music community.

Sarah-Jane Summers

B-Da Sufi

Tidelines, Baluba

It was a great pleasure! Many thanks to Samspill and Riksscenen for the opportunity Gregor and I had to create a new school production. We worked with two very inspiring, dynamic and experienced producers, Vegar Vårdal and Siri Kvambe. We can't wait to see the children's reactions!

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