Sunday World

Sunday World is a showcase series at Cafe Sør for performers of international traditional and popular music.

About Sunday World

Sunday World er en konsertserie i samarbeid med Cafe Sør in Oslo. The concert series was started in the spring of 2015, and has since become important for musicians both in and outside of Oslo. On selected Sundays throughout the year, new and exciting music from international traditional and popular music is presented, performed by musicians with genre backgrounds from various parts of the world.

Konsertene finner sted i forkant av den tradisjonelle søndagsjammen på Cafe Sør med husbandet Shady Collective, som har et etablert publikum bestående av både musikere, kunstnere, studenter og musikkinteresserte. Søndagsjammen er en verdifull arena for nettverksbygging, eksponering og etablering av nye samarbeid. Ved å legge konserten i forkant av jammen, bidrar Sunday World til at både ny- og veletablerte musikere får konserterfaring og vist fram sine prosjekt for et nytt publikum. 

Due to Covid-19, the planned Sunday World concerts for 2020 was changed into Samspill Sessions in collaboration with Instead of playing concerts, we produced live recordings of the artists' selected songs. The recordings are available on Samspills YouTube-kanal and at Ballade. Watch the artists that performed here


Since 2021, we have involved members of Samspill in the production of Sunday World, and every new season we engage one member as a producer. These are people who seek more competence and work experience in the role as a producer, and who already have a solid network and an active musical career. We do this to give room for and to lift tomorrow's organisers and producers, at the same time as we reach out to new and exciting musicians and give them a stage. Sunday World is thus a showcase arena both for, with and by Samspill members.

Lius Baruch Machado

Produsent – Sunday World høst 2021

Kristian Fabrizio

Produsent – Sunday World vår 2022

Ombeline Chardes

Produsent – Sunday World høst 2022

Eduardo Scaramuzza

Produsent – Sunday World vår 2023

Bellali Austria

Produsent – Sunday World høst 2023

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