A borderless cultural sector
Samspill is an interest organisation for performers of international musical expressions, living in Norway.
Samspill er en døråpner for utøvere av internasjonale musikkutrykk og inn til arrangørene, og bidrar til mangfold i kulturlivet. Vi arbeider for kompetanseheving hos utøvere, kunnskap om utøvere og for like muligheter.
Member development
We work with professionalisation and competence development for artists, through guidance, production development with professional mentoring, development of promo material and promotion.
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What does Samspill do?

Samspill acts as a link between artists, organisers, festivals, organisations and funding bodies.

Samspill works politically to improve the working conditions for our members, and to highlight the value of social inclusion and cultural diversity in the Norwegian cultural scene.

Samspill offers guidance to our members and hosts relevant events aimed towards career development and professionalisation in the cultural sector.

Social advocate

We are a representative and voice for our members, in society and the cultural sector.

We set the cultural political agenda - with the performer as the centrepiece.

We create incentives in the cultural sector to facilitate more diversity in programming.

We influence programming through participation in program councils.


6 members' meetings and courses a year.
Exposing artists to new venues.
Increase our number of members through targeted recruitment.
Contribute towards more grants for our members.
Increase our administration to 2 full-time positions.
Collaboration agreements with all competence centres in Norway.

Organization development

Good operating routines
Good financial management
Close member follow-up
Recruitment of members
Good and lasting collaboration agreements

Samspill's board

Stine Williamson Torbergsen


Harpreet Bansal

Harpreet Bansal

Vice chairperson

Bellali Austria

Board member

Hilde Bjørkum

Board member

Phuong Tran

Board member

Rodrigo Ghattas-Perez

Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez

Board member

Ane Carmen Roggen


Elvic Kongolo



Siri Kvambe

 General manager

Karstein Grønnesby

Project coordinator

Sergio Dreyer




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