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Harpreet Bansal

Harpreet Bansal is a violinist that has since childhood been trained in both Eastern and Western classical music. Harpreet has also studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music and has been studying with Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan Poonchwalas, one of his generation’s foremost sitar players. Harpreet focuses on raga based music, but has always been interested in developing their musical expression and range. She has collaborated with many musicians wthin jazz and folk music.

Jazz, Classical, Traditional music
Country of origin
Based in Norway
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Bansal Band 

Bansal Band plays new music composed by Harpreet Bansal, based on the northern Indian raga tradition. Musicians: Harpreet Bensal – violin Andreas Bratlie – tablas

Rumi Ensemble 

RUMI Ensemble was founded in 2007 and is an international group based in Norway. The ensemble performs new music by Norwegian-Iranian Javid Afsari Rad and