Samspill at Globuskonferansen

We are repeating the success from Kulturytring with the exploratory conversation: "Who gets to join?"

On Friday 22 September, we will show the exploratory conversation: "Who gets to join?", which saw the light of day during this year's Kulturytring in June. Here you will meet Amina Mohamud, Guillermo John Magno, Mohamed Abdirashid Mohamed and Kristine Utne Stiberg who reflect on the challenges of taking a place in art and culture as a performing artist with a multicultural background.

Globuskonferansen is a national conference that focuses on diversity in cultural life, and is organised annually in connection with the Globus international food and culture festival. This year's theme is speech climate. How healthy is today's speech climate? What consequences will the cancellation culture have for the future? Is it OK to change old works of art and culture and where are the limits for what can be changed and who can change it?

Who gets to join? is a collaboration between Interkultur Drammen and Samspill International Music Network.

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