Three productions to Marked for musikk

Three Baluba productions will be shown during Marked for musikk in Larvik, 24-26. October!

Marked for musikk is happening from 24.-26. October, and in the program you will find three productions that have come out of our Baluba project! This is:

Finn Skotten!

Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola are a Spellemann-nominated folk music duo, with a cinematic expression that speaks to the body, soul and intellect. The listener is taken on a journey where stories from the Finnish forests are told, swinging to harding fiddle beats from the West, listening to creepy klezmer, and grooving to West African desert blues on electric guitar, before culminating in a fierce dance party in the Scottish highlands.

Frå elektriske skogar

From electric forests, a vision is built around the dialogue between two musicians and two dancers. Each individual contributed their own powerful expressions. In the spirit of the dialogue, it changes who leads - and whether it is the music or the dance. The divide between musicians and dancers is broken down with various tools. The musicians take part in the movements and a touch-sensitive glowing gadget gives the dancers the power to change the musicians' soundscape - beyond the musicians' control.


In this show, we get to know the Orishas, ​​the old gods that the slaves brought with them across the Atlantic, and continued to cultivate when they came to Cuba. The African Yoruba religion exists to this day in Cuba, and is very popular, also among young people. In the performance we get to know the Orisha of play, of the sea, of love, of thunder and rhythms, and the chief of all Orishas.

Marked for musikk is Norway's largest showcase arena for concerts aimed at children and young people. During three effective days, organisers from cultural centres, festivals, libraries and The Cultural School Bag can see, evaluate and find concerts suitable for their young audiences. It is also an important meeting place for the industry, and a place where expertise and experience are shared.

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