Apply to perform at Sunday World!

Deadline: 10. December!

This year's round of Sunday World is coming to an end, and we are now looking for musicians who want to play at our concert series at Cafe Sør for spring 2024!

Do you play music from other parts of the world and want to share this with the public? Apply to play! 
The deadline for submitting an application is 10. December. Selected musicians will be contacted before 20. December.

About Sunday World:

Sunday World is a concert series in partnership with Cafe Sør in Oslo. The concert series was started in the spring of 2015, and has since become important for musicians both in and outside of Oslo. On selected Sundays throughout the year, new and exciting music from international traditional and popular music is presented, performed by musicians with genre backgrounds from various parts of the world.

Read more about Sunday World and who has performed there before!

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