A grand night at Nasjonal jazzscene!

On 11 October, Samspill celebrated 25 years - and what an evening it was!

WHAT a festive evening it was at Nasjonal jazzscene, with both hall and stage filled with lovely people! 

Thanks to all the musicians!
Thanks to Nasjonal jazzscene and OKWorld Records for continuous collaboration on the jazz scene!
Thanks to all the audience and friends! 

Appeal from Jan Lothe Eriksen

Former chairperson of Samspill, Jan Lothe Eriksen, held a clear appeal during the evening. We share it here:

As an interest organisation for professional, international performers living in Norway, Samspill International Music Network has over 25 years undertaken the long-term, time-consuming, painstaking and often invisible work that is absolutely necessary for these musicians' contribution to cultural diversity in Norway:

For the opportunity for professional development; for building self-respect; to be able to inspire Norwegian musicians, other artists and the Norwegian public; and not least to be able to appear as good role models and role models in the diverse Norway...

Work that takes time: One-to-one meetings; open membership meetings; mentoring, explanation and guidance into the many twists and turns of Norwegian cultural life; assistance with application writing and language training; tips on booking, contracts, rights and obligations; networking; producer assistance and talent development; mediation between people with different perceptions of reality and concepts of quality; participation in program committees and the eternal nagging about representation; sales and promotion of new faces and voices; patient and impatient calls to gatekeepers…

Against all odds, with extremely limited resources, Siri has led this work for 10 years. On steep slopes. In dense fog. On sunny days. And never on a flat road. Most often with a smile! And together with a minimal staff, Karstein and Cecilie - dedicated, creative, compliant and skilled.

That culture ministers, Storting politicians, cultural councillors and other granting authorities have not grasped the potential of this work for Norwegian art and cultural life, for integration, for Music - and showered them with money and trust - is completely unimaginable!

THIS is what it'i all about. When the world is about to go completely off its hinges...
On the contrary, the threat to withhold support has appeared more than once.
But Samspill does not give up.
Jan Lothe Eriksen
Former chairperson of Samspill

Photos from the evening

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