New and changed application deadlines at the Arts Council

The Arts Council's deadlines for 2024 grants are out. In music, two funding programs have new deadlines.
Within the field of music, the Arts Council has 7 grant schemes. Two of these have received significant changes:

 Music Events (arrangørstøtte) has two deadlines in 2024: March 5th and September 3rd. This change helps you apply twice a year, getting answers before each season. If you're seeking operating-like grants, still apply by the September deadline.

Tour and concert funding for musicians, artists, ensembles and bands now have three deadlines in 2024: March 5th, September 3rd, and December 3rd. Many applicants plan well ahead, but three times a year works for those with shorter plans.

Always apply early. For fall projects, apply by the March deadline.

The background for this change is the significant increase in the number of applications to the Cultural Council in recent years. To maintain the quality of application processing, the secretariat has adjusted the number of application deadlines for certain programs.

The application deadlines in 2024:  

For a full overview of application deadlines in 2024 - See our Application calendar

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