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bojan marjanovic

Bojan Marjanovic is a Serbian-born pianist and composer living in Oslo, Norway. His versatile musical capabilities and interests spread from the genre of classical to improvised music and contemporary jazz. Even though he started his career as a classical musician, Bojan has become interested in other music genres from the early beginning. Despite his ambivalence, Bojan has translated his multi-stylistic identity and curiosity into an exploration of music that ignores stylistic bounds. He has always seen himself at the intersection of various improvised music genres, though at this point his deepest roots lie in a piano as a medium, exploring its expressive possibilities and the ways of making music. With wide ranging influences from American and European jazz masters, to the 20th-century classical composers, Bojan moves effortlessly between jazz and classical music in his performance.

Piano, Keys
Jazz, Klassisk
Basert hvor i Norge
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