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Laura Loviskova

Laura Lovišková is a Slovak flutist, based in Stavanger. She holds diplomas from The Academy of
Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava (MA) and The University of Stavanger (MA ,PDM,
Extension Study in Chamber Music and Piccolo). In 2015 Laura studied as an exchange student
and collaborated with local musicians in Reykjavik (Iceland). She is one of founders and CEOs of
Hvalur Festival – The Festival of Icelandic Music in Bratislava. She’s been a member of several
contemporary ensembles and alternative music bands ( Veni Academy, Asynchronia Ensemble,
Katarína Máliková & Ensemble). Currently she is a freelancer, a substitute flutist in the Stavanger
Symphony Orchestra and a member of Opera Rogaland Sinfonietta. Laura is also a leader, composer and pianist of Ecetera band.

Ecetera Band is a music group from Bratislava, currently based in Stavanger. The band was
founded by sisters Laura Lovišková (author of compositions, piano) and Izabela Lovišková (vocals,
glockenspiel, electronics). Their original musical compositions represent „musical tales“, which by
their expressive and in detail worked-out instrumental, rhythmical, melodic and harmonic contents,
depict moments of life – those usual and everyday ones, or those special, personal ones. Music
played by Ecetera Band contains various styles (neo-classical , chamber pop or progressive rock)
and it is still looking for the most appropriate way how to express its ideas , in order to reach a
visual or even cinematographic impression.

Flutes, Piano
Klassisk, Elektronisk, Tradisjonell musikk, Rock, Jazz
Basert hvor i Norge
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