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Defying convention and boundaries, Trio Lumi stands at the busy intersection of Nordic folk, modern jazz and classical music. The Trio’s playing reflects youthful creativity, sophisticated artistry, exquisite clarity of ensemble, and above all a deep love for creating music together with friends. To experience Trio Lumi live is to hear the various styles, and traditions of Nordic folk and classical music fold in on themselves and emerge anew. 

Bonded by an uncommon blend of their instruments merged together with their voices, their performances offer a rare musical spontaneity that has made them in-demand on concert stages around Europe. Since their first public concert in early 2018, Trio Lumi has appeared on Festivals such as (AT), Steirisches Kammermusikfestival (AT), Ascoli Piceno Festival (IT), Floating Castle (SLO), Imago Sloveniae (SLO), Mooste Folk (EST) and others. Their debut album “Tere Tere”, released in 2021, presents music from Scandinavia, Baltics, Slovenia and other countries as well as their own compositions. Upcoming performance highlights include performances at the Musikverein Graz and Steirisches Kammermusikfestival in Austria, and Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.

Violinist and multi-instrumentalist Saimi Kortelainen (EST-FIN), violinist Oskar Longyka (SLO) and cellist Urban Megušar (SLO) met during their studies at the Kunstuniversität Graz. Being all classically trained instrumentalists, they started experimenting with Nordic folk music and one by one bringing new tunes as well as new instruments to their program. In their current set up one can expect hearing violins and cello as percussive instruments, Hardanger fiddle, overtone flute as well as singing.

Fiolin, Fiddle, Violin, Vokalist, Hardanger fele, Flutes, Forteller
Tradisjonell musikk, Klassisk
Basert hvor i Norge
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