Adama Barry grew up in Burkina Faso, belongs to the Fulani people and carries on their musical heritage with pride and love. The Fulani are one of Africa’s largest ethnic groups and spread from Mali to Sudan, all across the Sahara Belt. The music is a unique blend of impulses and largely influential from east to west on the African continent. Adama builds his own flute and string instruments.

The album «Lembi» features a set of original songs by Adama, performed by him and Solo Diarra (Djembe, Ballaphone). These 8 songs are then recontextualised and remade by an array of outstanding musicians and remixers, including Prins Thomas, Mental Overdrive, Henrik Schwarz, Sex Judas & Ricky Rerub, Bendik Baksaas and Bugge Wesseltoft.

The remakes vary in approach, tone and texture, from glitchy oddball disco to jazzy shuffles to minimalist dark beats to cosmic techno maximalism. In contrast, the original songs are rich despite their sparse arrangements, filled with a philosophical density and brimming over with the kind of immediacy of life when living is prioritised.