Chaneki Flamenco Ensemble showcases elegant, passionate & powerful Flamenco dance and music with collaboration of high level international artists.
Do you want something special and a new musical atmosphere for your event or festival?

The ensemble has an innovative approach to flamenco offering a wide repertoire from the most traditional to the most interesting flamenco fusion, directed by dancer and producer Bellali Austria.

Chaneki is the Nahuatl word for «duende». It refers to the magic that is created on stage until reaching the “duende” that is often mentioned in flamenco.

Chaneki Flamenco Ensemble consists of artists from across the world. Various cultural backgrounds enrich our music and dance experience through a shared passion for flamenco.

Chaneki Flamenco Ensemble has performed at different events, and visits festivals, schools and tablaos. We approach audiences of all ages, creating art by merging new and traditional styles.